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  • Must-Have Accessory for Your Ostomy Bag: Our colostomy bag cover is handcrafted of premium breathable materials that creates a second skin like barrier between you those itchy colostomy bags. Our ostomy wrap ensures the skin around the stoma remains healthy and free from irritations.
  • Use Your Ostomy Pouch Cover with Zero Fuss: With an elastic opening, our ostomy protector easily fits an ostomy pouch with a bigger flange. The strong medical velcro will keep it in place during a strenuous workout. Adjust the tightness to your liking with the high stretch band.
  • Stay Dry and Comfortable: Spills and accidents happen, but with our quick-drying water-repelling ostomy pouch covers you can rest assured that your ileostomy bag and stoma are shielded from moisture. It also works great to prevent leaks and reduce odors.
  • Customised Fit of Your Ostomy Belt: Our stoma belt boasts high stretch Velcro straps for a comfortable fit on all body shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a snug fit for rigorous activities or a looser fit for relaxation, our stoma cover has you covered.
  • Zipper Opening for Easy Access To Bag: The practical front zipper of our colostomy bag belt makes the ostomy bag maintenance fast and easy. It simplifies ostomy care and makes for hassle-free colostomy bag, urostomy bag, or ileostomy bag changes.

GBmates Ostomy Belt - MattBlack


Buy 2 belts and get 1 cover for free

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